Flexible Bowl & Spatula

Flexible Bowl & Spatula. It is a "Must Have" for mixing your DPC Soft Peeling Mask. With this set you don't need to use a facial brush applying your soft-mask. This spatula does a perfect job each time. With a little practice; you won't go back to other brushes. Please check out our many DPC Soft-mask Selections. You will see the difference when you use our Flexible Bowl & Spatula with our "Highly Recommended" DPC Soft-mask. Because it's flexible and soft; it will speed up your preparation time and the clean-up is a breeze. After each facial; just soak it with water and the soft-mask leftovers will loosen up, then wash and pat dry with a paper towel. Your Bowl & Spatula is ready for the next facial set-up.

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